November 2016
The OHBPA board of directors held a special election to fill two vacancies on the board in the trainer or owner/trainer category. Elected to serve 4-year terms retroactive to September, 2016 were Bobby Cline and Doug Cowans. Don Radcliff will serve as the alternate in the trainer or owner/trainer category for the next two years.

September 2016
Ohio HBPA Board of Directors

President: Joe Poole
Vice Presidents:  Mark Doering      Jeff Jarvis        Mike Rone

Executive Director: Dave Basler    

Owner Director:
Jeff Jarvis, Kristina Tumblin,  Mark Kuntz,
Fred Nemann, Bruce Ryan, Randy Blevins
Bonnie Rogoff – alternate

Trainer or Owner/Trainer:
Mike Rone,  Mark Doering,  Joe Poole,  Robin Schuster

Ohio HBPA Board of Directors Election Notice

The Ohio HBPA board of directors will hold a special election on Thursday, November 10, 2016 to elect two trainers or owner/trainers to fill currently unfilled board seats in the trainer or owner/trainer category. Per the Ohio HBPA code of regulations the current board members will vote on eligible nominated candidates on that date with the top two vote getters to be seated on the board.

Any trainer or owner/trainer who wishes to serve on the Ohio HBPA board of directors can contact any current Ohio HBPA board member before September 30th, 2016 and ask to be nominated. A trainer or owner/trainer can also be nominated by completing a petition with the signatures of a minimum of 25 current Ohio HBPA members. The petitions must be returned to the Ohio HBPA’s main office located at 3684 Park Street, Grove City, Ohio 43123 no later than the close of business on Friday, September 30th, 2016. Petitions are available in the field offices at Thistledown and Belterra Park.


THHF Retirement Assistance Program

Through contributions made by the Ohio HBPA the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Health Fund has established a Retirement Assistance Program which will begin in 2016 with contributions in 2016 based upon certain requirements being met during 2015. Below is an outline of the plan.

Application forms for the plan will be available in the main office as well as the OHBPA field offices by January 1st, 2016 with a due date of May 1st, 2016.

Eligible Participants

  1. Trainers- who have 40 starts at Ohio thoroughbred tracks during 2015 with a minimum of 51% of the trainer’s total starts during the year occurring at Ohio thoroughbred tracks or at least 100 starts at Ohio thoroughbred tracks during 2015.
  2. Stable Employees- Full time employees of an eligible trainer for a minimum of nine months during 2015 as verified via a form signed by the trainer as well as holding an OSRC license and providing a W-2 or 1099 verifying a minimum of $7,500 for the year.

Fund Contributions

  1. Eligible Trainers- $3,500
  2. Stable Employees- $2,000

Vesting Requirements

5 years of participation in the program will be required to be vested. Trainers who have met the program start requirements during any calendar year from 2000 to 2014 shall receive credit for one year towards vesting for each year they met the start requirements during this time period.

Investment Options

Plan participants will be able to choose from a number of investment funds available through Fifth Third Bank and will also have access, without charge, to speak with Fifth Third Investment Advisors. Plan participants will be able to change investment funds at their discretion.

Plan participants will have online as well as in person access to their account balance, performance, etc.

Retirement Age

Normal Retirement Age- 65 years old
Early Retirement Age- 55 years old


Will be made over a five year period with the vested participant receiving 1/5 of their total account balance the first year, ¼ of their remaining account balance the 2nd year, 1/3 of their remaining account balance the 3rd year, ½ of their remaining account balance the fourth year and their entire remaining account balance in the fifth year.

Dave Basler
Executive Director
3684 Park Street
Grove City, OH 43123
Fax 614-875-0786

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