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Stallion owners have been very generous in support of the O.T.B.O. in donating seasons with modest reserves that should be attractive to broodmare owners at every level. The bloodlines and race records are top quality and will offer excellent value.
Those who like to partake in the advantages the Accredited Program will find plenty of opportunities with 40 stallions entered that include the top Ohio 20 sires of 2017. If you don’t mind crossing state lines, or if you participate in the Indiana program (yes, the auction is open to everyone), that state has donated 32 stallion seasons.
There are 29 seasons available to bid on from several iconic Kentucky farms – Buck Pond, Calumet, Darby Dan, Spendthrift and WinStar are all participating. Most have entered their regally-bred and accomplished stallions at a very minimal reserve that should make for some lively bidding and bargains. In a big-hearted gesture both WinStar and Buck Pond elected to enter their stallions with NO MINIMUM RESERVE!

Grade 1 winner Gemologist was entered into the auction with no reserve by WinStar Farm.

The process is easy, just go to and register – there is no cost. Log on with a username and password, knowing the site is secure with the latest encryption technology. You can easily retrieve your username and password should you forget. Find the horse that you are wanting to bid on and click on it so you are at its listing page. Click the blue button in the yellow box “Make Bid”. Enter the Maximum Bid Amount you would like to bid and click “Confirm Bid.” Confirm the amount you entered is accurate and click the blue button “Verify Maximum Bid Amount.” You will either get a message stating that you are the current high bidder or, unfortunately, you will receive a message that someone else has entered a higher maximum bid amount previously and you have been outbid. If you have been outbid, you will have the option to raise your maximum bid amount if you so choose.
The maximum bid is the top dollar amount you are willing to pay for a stallion season. This will allow the computer to continue to bid on your behalf if the next bid increment is met. It can save you from being outbid in the final minutes of the auction and allows you the freedom to step away from the auction and let the computer do the work for you. You need to enter your phone contact number to use this option. To learn more about this helpful feature, please contact directly.
The auction listing has a designated end time at 6:00 p.m. Monday BUT, if two or more people are actively bidding, that end time will be extended in two-minute increments. For example, when auction is ending at 6 pm. Bidder A currently has the highest bid. At 5:59 pm, Bidder B out bids Bidder A. The auction clock will add two minutes to the auction clock to allow Bidder A an opportunity to bid again. For each bid made in this “soft ending window”, two minutes will be added to the clock until the clock runs out without an additional bid being made. Just sign up for a text notification to be contacted if you are outbid. is easy to navigate and has a Help Section that will answer ant additional questions. If you’d like a personal touch, you can call Holly France at 859-299-3899 and she will happily answer any questions you have.

Ohio Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners

Ohio Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners